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Eco water firm picks GAÏALENE®

Injection World

GobiLab has opted for GAÏALENE® plant-based resin to replace the thermoplastic polyurethane used in its Gobi bottle.

GobiLab, the French producer of the Gobi re-useable water bottle, which it claims can replace hundreds of single-use polystyrene plastic cups or conventional single-use water bottles, has opted for a fully recyclable plant-based GAÏALENE® resin from Roquette, also located in France, to replace the thermoplastic polyurethane used in its base.

This resin has a very interesting ecological profile allowing a massive carbon footprint reduction compared to TPU,” says Samuel Degremont, one of three of the original Gobilab business founders.


Gobilab opts for GAILENE plant based resin

The GAÏALENE® base fits to the bottom of the Gobi bottle, which is moulded in Tritan copolyester from Eastman, and provides a durable base capable of withstanding the rough and tumble of daily life on the move.

Roquette product manager Léon Mentink describes the GAÏALENE® polymers as durable polymer compounds created by grafting olefin chains onto starch-based resins. “As a consequence, these resins can be used alone or in blends with PP or PE and are fully recyclable in polyolefin streams,” he says.