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The first bicycle mudguards made of plant-based plastic

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Zéfal selected GAÏALENE® to launch its bio-based range Green’Z with a low carbon footprint. This range, the first in the world of its type, comprises the Green’Z DEFLECTOR FC50 & RC50 mudguards made with plant-based plastic.

Zéfal is the world’s leading manufacturer of bicycle accessories. Innovation and the environment play a significant part in the corporate strategy and the eco-design of the products is part of a long-term progress undertaking.

Zéfal launched its bio-based range Green’Z with a low carbon footprint at the Eurobike 2012 show. This range, the first in the world of its type, comprises the Green’Z DEFLECTOR FC50 & RC50 mudguards made with plant-based plastic. To this end Zéfal selected Gaïalène® on account of its certified environmental qualities and its possible recyclability at the end of its service life.  This plastic has turned out to be easy to use provided slight adjustments are made to the manufacturing process and has enabled a reduction in the consumption of electricity used by the injection presses.

Green'z: bio-based range

‘’Focused on the future our teams who are passionate about their work innovate every day in order to improve the practice of cycling. The strong links we have forged with the cycling community and the bicycle distributors inspired the creation of this Green’Z range”, explains Mathieu BRUNET, the Chairman and Chief Executive of Zéfal.

This initiative enables Zéfal to propose a range of products that constitute a breakthrough from an environmental standpoint, while retaining the same manufacturing quality that the customers are used to. The mechanical and ageing tests have confirmed the suitability of this material for these applications linked to sport and nature.

The result is translated by a carbon footprint reduced by over 65% compared with the products generally made from polypropylene, without any compromising on the technical or economic performances. In order to take this cross-functional eco-design initiative even further, Zéfal has also reviewed its packaging approach for the Green’Z range by opting for FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) cardboard.

The launch of these first eco-responsible Green’Z products was quite an event in the sector. Zéfal’s responsible and ecological approach was very well received not only by its distributor customers but also by the general public.

Since its launch this range has been presented at various trade shows and global events in Europe and Asia. Recently the range was presented in Taiwan at the TAPEÏ International Cycle Show. ‘’Most of the comments we received were favourable. Our visitors were very pleasantly surprised by our innovation and the quality of the Green’Z  products made from plant-based plastic”, points out the Zéfal Management.

Zéfal is consequently going to pursue this initiative with several products in its range and intends in the coming years to develop the Green’Z brand by innovating in other complementary applications.